11.03 → 02.07.2023 — Exhibition

Charming for the Revolution

09 → 14.03.2023 — Film festival


01.04.2023 — Performance


08.04.2023 — Jester Film

Maryam Tafakory



Toon Fibbe

Toon Fibbe

Toon Fibbe uses performance, video, fashion, installation, text and sculpture to get a better grip on the shadowy world of finance and economics. The invention of characters and personas is what drives the production of objects, films and installations. It is precisely thinking through characters that makes it possible to transform the abstractions of the financial world into unexpectedly theatrical works, wherein extravagant stock market traders stagger on high heels and finance is made visible through talking sculptures, body horror and physical – sometimes even literally dripping – images.

Fibbe deals with bodily and ghostly metaphors as a way of understanding economic processes – both now and throughout history. His work departs from the idea that political economy has always had an affinity with the ghostly sphere – as seen, for instance, in Adam Smith’s metaphor of the invisible hand or in the writings of Marx, but also in the gothic fiction of the 19th century.

Toon Fibbe graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute and did a postgraduate at the Jan van Eyck. His work has been shown at Wiels, Kunsthuis Syb, M HKA, Nieuwe Vide, M Leuven, and Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, and others.

  • Event: Toon Fibbe
  • Artist: Toon Fibbe
  • Text by: Toon Fibbe
  • Website: toonfibbe.com
  • Supported by: We thank Mondriaan Fund and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Brussels for the support for the production and presentation of the work by Toon Fibbe in Charming for the Revolution.