11.03 → 02.07.2023 — Exhibition

Charming for the Revolution

09 → 14.03.2023 — Film festival


01.04.2023 — Performance


08.04.2023 — Jester Film

Maryam Tafakory

Behind Jester’s new identity

Meet the design team behind Jester’s new identity

Meet the design team

Alliage is an all-round design studio based in Brussels. It was founded and is run by Lucile Martin and Julien Pik since 2018. We conceive visual identities, books, print+digital solutions and artworks for a broad spectrum of collaborators. Recent commissions include Le Magasin – Centre national d’art contemporain (Grenoble, FR), National Bank of Belgium (Brussels, BE), Haute école des arts du Rhin – HEAR (Strasbourg, FR) and our ongoing partnerships proudly include Psst Mlle (Brussels, BE) and Schiev Festival (Brussels, BE).
We also sometimes have the luck to work with external collaborators like Clément Horard with whom we signed Jester’s visual identity or Florian Fromager and Simon Chambon for the development of the website.

We believe that Jester is a laboratory for artists and curators but also for the audience and even ourselves. For that reason we decided to work in an atomic scale with the circle shape at the core of the project. The addition, subtraction, collision, transformation and experimentation of this simple shape has created a rich yet specific visual language which defined Jester’s graphic ruleset.
The identity is molecular, organic and lively with its ever evolving logo, image, effect and color system.

Jester’s identity wouldn’t be possible without the support of Dinamo type foundry. The whole project is set in ABC Diatype and ABC Diatype Semi-mono.