Be Courageous

wees moedig

Trust – Others, Yourself
and the Unknown

vertrouw - op de ander, jezelf en het onbekende

Be (in the) present

wees present

Listen. Truly Listen

luister. luister met aandacht

Be accepting

wees ontvankelijk

Jester is the organisation that was born from the merger between FLACC and CIAP in Genk, BE.

Jester takes some of the principles of improv theatre as the base for its program and organisation.


28 Oct: Trip to KMSKA Antwerp to see Marie Zolamian’s new mosaic

24 Sept, 1 Oct, and 15 Oct: public workshops Memory-Lab Pavilion

10 Sept - 11 Dec: Marie Zolamian: Droomland

10 Sept - 16 Oct: Erica Ferrari and Ana Catarina Mousinho: Memory-Lab Pavilion

l o a d i n g